Retaining and Engaging Diverse Talent



Your organization may invest significant amounts of time and money to attract diverse talent. However, what good is it if your diverse employees leave within one to two years after they arrive? Attracting diverse talent can be a challenge but retaining diverse talent may be even more difficult.


On the short term, the unexpected loss of valued diverse employees can send an unwanted message to the entire organization and community about your commitment to diversity. On the long term, the attrition of diverse talent deteriorates an organization’s ability to innovate, solve business problems, maintain financial performance


It is essential for all managers to be held accountable for doing what is in their control to increase the retention of your diverse talent. Retaining Diverse Talent™ (RDT) enables managers to positively and immediately impact the retention of their diverse talent pool.


What can a manager do to minimize the chances of losing a valued diverse employee? What are the early warning signals that employees exhibit before they decide to leave? What are the factors that influence a diverse employee’s decision to stay or go? This program answers these questions, and provides managers with:


  • A Retention Assessment Profile - behavioral feedback from their direct reports on 72 behaviors in six dimensions that directly correlate with retention

  • A Retention Action Plan & Strategy that defines hands on strategies managers will use to reduce unwanted attrition in their departments

  • A Retention Risk Analysis that enables managers to identify who of their top performers may be at risk of leaving

  • Techniques for identifying Early Warning Signals that can alert a manager to the fact that a talented performer is considering leaving, and what to do about it

  • A ‘Retention Tool Box’, which contains the retention best practices of those managers from a variety of industries who are the best at retaining their people


The initial RTT program is one day in length and can be delivered to groups of up to 25 managers at one time. It can be done as an open session, or for intact work groups.


Improved retention diversity ratios, continuity of productivity, and increased employee morale and commitment – these results go straight to your bottom line.

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Leading for Employee Engagement


It’s one thing to attract top talent to your organization, diverse and otherwise, but after the so-called honeymoon period, how engaged do the stay? Employee engagement is one of the greatest business challenges your organization can face. Many employees work hard, but harsh work realities of long hours, scarce resources, daily firefighting, and constant change has an adverse effect on your workforce.


The continuity of innovation, revenue, profitability, sales, service, customer retention, and productivity are all compromised if you have a workforce which is less than fully engaged.


Is there a way to help ALL OF YOUR PEOPLE avoid disengagement given the business challenges they encounter? The answer is, yes! Leading for Engagement™ (LFE), shows managers how to create an environment which optimizes employee engagement.


Engaged in What? Engagement is on the minds of most HR and business leaders, but we ask an important question: You want your employees to be engaged, but engaged in what? Engagement is worthless and even detrimental if your employees are focused on priorities that don’t align with your business goals and strategy. We call this “aimless engagement.”


Research shows that over one third of the workforce doesn't understand or buy into their organization’s business goals and strategy, which makes strategy execution a Herculean task. In contrast, enabling your workforce to be fully engaged in your business strategy drives strategy realization.


The Solution LFE provides managers with tools and strategies to mobilize employees to be engaged in your business strategy, mission-critical goals and change initiatives. We call this Aligned Engagement.


Research has identified 300 engagement drivers but only a “vital few” create significant engagement gains. We have synthesized these into a model that acts as the pillar of LFE, the ACE Model.

Accountability - Accountability leads to ownership which drives engagement

Change-Readiness - Employees must be ready to change in order to sustain their engagement

Enduring Purpose - Sense of purpose aligned with strategic direction = engagement 

Workshop Characteristics

  • Two-day “Engagement Forum” tailored for your organization and business strategy

  • In-tact management work groups tackle real business challenges

  • Our consultants or your in-house facilitators conduct the forums

  • Managers obtain and use a powerful and practical Engagement Tools:



The Change-Ready Model™; the hidden five levels of readiness to change and how to accelerate


Change-Readiness Diagnostic; assess employees’ readiness to change to support imperatives

Purpose Pyramid Checklist to create greater line of site and team sense of purpose

Accountability Scale to measure and manage employee accountability

PowerPlan to ensure that what managers commit to in the training gets done on the job

Don’t waste your time and money attracting top talent if you are not going to show your managers how to help them stay ENGAGED. CONTACT us for more information.

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