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Radical Inclusion - Facilitator Certification

Radical Inclusion Facilitator Certification is the foundation of our approach. The benefits:

  • Move the Needle: Enable teams to work more innovatively while simultaneously making progress on DE&I in your organization

  • Next Gen Skill Mastery: Develop expertise to create a space for mutual respect, collaboration, and creative solution development

  • Highly Sought-after: Provide added-value and become an even more highly respected and sought-after facilitation resource


The Radical Inclusion™ Facilitator Certification  - HOW IT WORKS


Facilitators learn how to:


  • Increase the diversity of problem-solving groups

  • Create a safe space for divergent ideas and perspectives

  • Leverage the unique talents of problem-solving participants

  • Build a respectful environment that supports diverse people coming together to co-create

  • Facilitate deep listening, without premature judgment, to find value in seedling solutions

  • Guide interactions to unprecedented levels of “conscious communication”


Certification participants gain expert facilitation skills and insights to leverage diversity and inclusion for greater innovative thinking, learning how to:

diversity innovation and respect graphic

Facilitators gain mastery of infusing diversity-driven innovation into each stage of the LENS Innovative Thinking Process:


Who should certify?

Process facilitators who are always looking for fresh mindsets, toolsets and skillsets are excellent candidates for the Radical Inclusion™ Facilitator Certification:

who certify.PNG
rad incl cert departments.JPG

Line managers who want their teams to think more innovatively and solve problems with greater dexterity are in an ideal position to be certified, working with teams to obtain a greater diversity of thought. These leaders can come from any function and often reside in the following departments:

The Certification Process


Radical Inclusion Facilitator Certification is a 6-week highly interactive virtual process. In the 4-6 hours of certification activities hours per week, Facilitators learn new skills and methods with significant opportunities to practice and receive feedback during live simulated and real-time meetings. In addition, Facilitators receive expert coaching in 1-1 and small group settings to develop higher levels of mastery and confidence.

To learn more about the Radical Inclusion Facilitator Certification, contact us.

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