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Increase innovation: Leaders organize creative problem solving training and set up organizational structures to support innovative thinking, and yet in spite of this, many executives still believe their organizations fall short of innovation expectations.


Advancing Diversity & Inclusion: Other leaders stand up unconscious bias and culture sensitivity training and other D&I programs to advance diversity, inclusion and equity, and still most organizations report that the outcomes of those efforts are not producing hoped for gains in D&I.


Vital Connection: We at Change-Ready Solutions recognize a vital connection that seems to have been largely overlooked. Where can you find the most divergent and diverse thinking? Answer: From diverse people. 


Instead of standing up "programs" to level up innovative thinking or advance D&I&E, we bake diversity, inclusion and equity into the way the business innovates and solves problems, everyday. Our unique approach, Radical Inclusion - Inclusive Interchange is described below.

Radical Inclusion - Facilitator Certification

The Radical Inclusion™ Inclusive Interchange Facilitator Certification focuses on enabling organizations, in IN PERSON & VIRTUAL settings to:


Harvest the benefits of diversity and inclusion for more innovative thinking



By providing people who facilitate meetings



With expert skills and insights to facilitate groups to
more effectively solve problems and make decisions



In a constantly changing environment


Certification participants gain expert facilitation skills and insights to leverage diversity and inclusion for greater innovative thinking, learning how to:

Facilitators learn how to apply diversity, innovation and respect to a powerful process and system that enables work groups to:

  1. Develop clarity about what problems they are actually trying to solve

  2. Generate inventive possibilities versus getting stuck in default answers

  3. Refine and narrow down solutions that will get the best results

  4. Develop and operationalize an execution plan that drives follow through, measures impact and actually gets results


Who should do this?

Process facilitators who are always looking for fresh mindsets, toolsets and skillsets are excellent candidates for the Radical Inclusion™ Facilitator Certification:

  • Design thinking

  • Six Sigma

  • Agile

  • Product and service innovation teams

  • Strategy


Line managers who want their teams to think more innovatively and solve problems with greater dexterity are in an ideal position to be certified, working with teams to obtain a greater diversity of thought. These leaders can come from any function and often reside in the following departments:














The Certification Process


The certification process involves learning the above skills, significant practice and feedback on facilitating live and simulated meetings, and 1-1 and small group coaching, leveraging our proven proprietary Change-Ready Coaching model. The certification period is 12-14 weeks long, shorter for those who need less coaching and longer for those who desire more coaching.


In order to maintain the certification, individuals must be re-certified every 24 months by meeting with a coach to review their past successes and shortfalls, derive learnings, and receive updates on new developments to the Radical Inclusion tools and processes.

To learn more about the Radical Inclusion Inclusive Interchange Facilitator Certification, contact us.

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Our Secret Sauce - The Change-Ready Model™

Based on years of highly validated behavioral science research on how people change, we have discovered that the primary driver of personal change is not the motivation to change but rather the readiness to change. Further, readiness does not take place in one step but instead progresses through five distinct levels of the readiness to change. 

Furthermore, there are tested strategies to help someone advance from one level of readiness to the next!

​At Change-Ready Solutions, we have translated this model into a business tool that enables:

  • ​Organizations to manage change more effectively

  • Leaders to grow and evolve more quickly

  • Managers to coach for greater impact 

  • Individual contributors to change their own behavior and beliefs 

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