Your leaders need new skills and knowledge to effectively drive growth

Below are our leadership development offerings, which include workshops, on-line learning, on-the-job stretch assignments, individual and/or small group coaching and leadership assessments. 

- Leadership & Change -

leadership development

Leading for Growth in a Constantly Changing Environment

  • Effectively Managing Heavy Workloads - Strategies to establish clarity amidst constantly changing priorities and negotiate more effectively to avoid excessive work that leads to burnout and resignations 

  • Leading with Purpose - Shows managers how to create anchors that stabilize their teams even in the face of constant change and employee apprehension

  • Building Ownership and Agility - enables managers to build team accountability for results while building the ability to quickly change direction even in the middle of a constantly shifting work realities

managing change

Managing Business Unit Change 

We show managers how to support growth by driving change at the team level, leading both operational and people change

  • Translate the change vision into a meaningful vision for the team

  • Identify and mitigate negative change impacts at the team level

  • Identify new skills and knowledge required by team members to execute the change


  • Adjust team business processes to align with the change

- Performance Management -

performance management

Achieving Growth through Short-Cycle Performance Management

  • In contrast to annual performance management, short-cycle performance management focuses on shorter performance periods to ensure forward movement towards growth

  • The emphasis is on weekly activity-management, based on the truth that you can't manage results but you can manage activities that lead to results

  • Managers learn how to implement this approach with their teams for greater agility and better business outcomes to drive business unit and company growth


Coaching for Growth - the business and the people

Relying on proven research in the behavioral sciences , we show managers how to:

  • Accelerate the readiness to change of the person being coached

  • Use Socratic Coaching so the person being coached discovers answers for themselves

  • Leverage strengths to help the person being coached develop further

  • Coach to Mindset  to eliminate self-defeating beliefs

- Leadership and Engagement -

engagement, leadership

Leading for Engagement

  • All the judges votes are in and there is no question .... having an
    engaged workforce is the key to performance, retention and growth

  • When clients tell us they want us to help them get their employees engaged, we say "Engaged in what?" Engagement must be focused on something to be of value

  • This workshop focuses on helping leaders in in-tact management teams develop powerful strategies for getting their employees engaged in the growth vision

Change Management Training

change management training

Change-Ready Solutions founder, Bruce Fern, was the global leader of change management education for IBM's international management consulting workforce. Leveraging this experience, we will provide change management training to your line leaders, HR teams, T&D and Communications professionals, and project managers/teams.

Our change management training enables participants to:

Change Assessment and Planning

  • Assess the organizational Change Landscape

  • Develop a Change Strategy and Plan

  • Work with leadership to create a Change Vision

Building Change Ownership and Capability

  • Build buy-in from Key Executive Stakeholders/groups

  • Conduct an Impact Analysis to ID and manage impacts

  • Develop/execute Communications and Training plans

Enabling Change Leadership

  • Ensuring managers act as Change Leaders

  • Establishing Change Champions in the organization

  • Developing, monitoring and managing Adoption Metrics



change managment training