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THE GROWTH ACTIVATOR - Empowering business growth

Growth, vision, ownership, change-readiness

Some businesses grow at a steady pace. What is their secret? Other businesses grow but at a snail's pace, leaving owners and investors frustrated. And still other business simply don't ever come into their own right, gradually fading away and never fulfilling their potential.

The indisputable fact is that growth is illusive and difficult for a variety of reasons:

  • The growth vision is misguided or fuzzy

  • Ownership for growth resides solely at the top of the organization

  • Growth requires change, and both people are organizational change is hard

We have relied on years of fire-tested experience, backed by behavioral science, and have a unique and better approach to growing a business. When working with us, you can expect OUTCOMES such as:

  • Better sales and sales management practices that lead to increased sales

  • Service that builds customer loyalty and engagement in your brand

  • Trusted advisor partnerships with clients

  • Differentiated services and products

  • Increased collaboration from internal functions such as IT, HR and Finance

We achieve these results through the application of our unique and powerful Growth Activator process








Vision: Growth begins with a vision, but in order for the vision to activate growth, it must:


  • Be crystal clear

  • Engage the minds and hearts of the workforce

  • Provide leaders and teams with a sense of purpose

Ownership: Ownership for the growing of the business usually resides at the top, but in order for ownership to activate growth, it needs to:

  • Be spread throughout the organization

  • Shape personal accountability

  • Drive perseverance and resilience

Change-Readiness: Growth requires change, but people and organizations tend to be change-resistant. To activate change and growth, leaders need new tools to:

  • Increase agility

  • Change human behavior

  • Help people upgrade their mindsets and beliefs

Contact us for more information about how The Growth Activator can work for your business.

Predictive  Analytics for Growth

Change-Ready Solutions will help your business to leverage the power of predictive analytics to help you
grow your business.

You cannot grow without having the right people in roles. We use predictive analytics to ensure you are hiring and promoting the right people in the right places to grow your business.

Leadership Analytics

leadership analytics

LEADERPOP™ is an analytics selection and coaching tool designed specifically to help organizations select and develop leadership potential.
It assesses the key personality traits, attitudes and leadership competencies associated with high potential leaders.

LEADERPOP™ provides an overview of the person’s leadership potential. This includes a wide variety of competencies such as leadership style, communication style, implementation style, approach to motivating others, approach to coaching and feedback style. It also assesses and reports on Emotional Quotient which is very important in helping leaders understand interpersonal relationships. LEADERPOP™:

• Identifies high potential leaders
• Provides an overview of key characteristics of successful leaders
• Provides a snapshot of essential leadership competencies
• Assesses emotional quotient and trust
• Provides a development guide to maximize potential

leadership analytics

MANAGEMENTSCREEN™ is used by organizations to identify and screen for candidates who will perform and survive in a management role. By assessing the inherent talent, effort history and fit to the position, the MANAGEMENTSCREEN™ is able to assist a hiring organization to rank candidates and focus the hiring resources on candidates with the highest
probability for success. 


By focusing on candidates with a ‘success’ profile and screening candidates who lack the essentials, the MANAGEMENTSCREEN™ is the first step in a recruiting process that improves the odds of hiring top performing managers. MANAGEMENTSCREEN™

• Screens/eliminates candidates lacking essential management characteristics
• Identifies high potential supervisors and managers
• Provides an overall rating on talent, effort history and fit to management 
• Determines suitability for specific management positions
• Provides information for candidate/manger matching

Sales & Service Analytics

sales selection analytics

SALESPRO™ identifies the individual's fit to sales positions ranging from service based selling to competitive selling and has been used in a wide variety of sales cultures including high tech, automotive sales, financial services and many others.

• Improves the retention of your sales professionals
• Helps to match sales professionals to sales managers
• Develops a customized recruiting and selection process
• Builds top performing sales cultures


The SALESPRO™ is used to select, develop and retain sales professionals involved in a sales process that requires building a long term client relationships. The SALESPRO™ provides sales management with a prediction of potential, interview questions, training requirements and coaching suggestions.

Selection & Performance 

In an increasingly competitive business world more and more successful sales organizations have adopted SALESPRO™ to identify and select the
candidates most likely to perform at a high level in a relationship sales
environment. SALESPRO™ provides an assessment of the candidate's potential to be
proactive in sales and relationship management.

SALESPRO™ also measures the individual's achievement motivation, the
need for challenge and/or money versus the need for relationships or safety and security. It measures dependence versus independence and the need for structure in the sales role.

SALESPRO™ also identifies self confidence, prospecting orientation, ability to manage rejection and commitment to a sales career. It is most suited for more complex long cycle selling situations in which relationship building is a must.

Sales hiring selection analytics

POP7.0™ is based on the POP™, the leading selection, training and coaching tool for salespeople. The POP7.0™ has evolved through 7 generations of validation and has proven to be predictive of sales success in over 25 countries and 30 languages.


  • Identifies  sales success DNA

  • Predicts sales performance and retention

  • Provide a predictive snapshot for future sales managers

  • Supplies post-hire coaching input for both manager and candidate

POP7.0™ is most suited for assessing sales potential in a short-cycle selling environment.

service selection hiring analytics

SERVICESCREEN™ is used by many organizations to identify and screen for candidates who will perform and survive in service environments. By assessing the inherent service talent, effort history and fit to the position, the SERVICESCREEN™ is able to assist a hiring organization to
rank candidates and focus the hiring service resources on candidates with the highest probability for success.

By focusing on candidates with a ‘success’ profile and screening out candidates who lack the essentials, the SERVICESCREEN™ is the first step in a recruiting process that improves the odds of hiring top service performers.


• Allows recruiters/hiring managers to identify candidates with the highest    probability for success
• Eliminates exhausting resume parsing
• Includes customized interview questions


The comprehensive report includes an assessment of the candidate’s:

  • people orientation

  • motivation to service

  • customer needs

  • attitudes towards service

  • job stability

  • service experience

Of all of the functions that are vital to growth, the sales function stands apart. Consequently, we have a unique approach to growing sales.

Sales Optimization

Many sales organizations are faced with:


  • Constantly increasing sales goals

  • Stiff competition coming left and right

  • New products and markets 

sales optimization

Given these and other challenges, your sales organization must be fine tuned and operate at the highest level of effectiveness. In short, your sales organization must be optimized for maximum sales productivity.

When we work with an organization to optimize sales, we examine major aspects of the sales function and
ask and answer these questions:

  • Is the selling process effective, well defined, and enable your salespeople to proactively manage sales?

  • Are salespeople using the sales process consistently and effectively?

  • Are your salespeople skilled at presenting your products and services as solutions to problems and building trusted-advisor relationships with your customers?

  • Do your salespeople have the right sales tools to support their selling efforts?

  • Do your sales managers know how to bring added value to the way they coach and manage salespeople?

  • Do your sales manages have consistent process for helping salespeople advance sales?

At Change-Ready Solutions, our Sales Optimization consulting typically takes place in three phases:


I. Assess - Identify gaps 


  • Analyze the way your salespeople sell, including their skill levels, ability to build client relationships and manage the selling cycle

  • Assess how your sales managers manage and coach

  • Examine the effectiveness of sales and sales management processes, tools, supporting materials

With this and other information such as monthly, quarterly and annual sales performance by salesperson, area, market and product, we develop a Assessment Findings Report which identifies the function's strengths, gaps, and prioritizes areas for development. 

II. Transform - Change and improve


Based on the Assessment phase, we work with you collaboratively to, as needed:



  • Enhance and document the optimal selling process

  • Create and/or update sales tools to support the selling process

  • Identify how to optimize sales activity and results tracking 

  • Identify sales analytics that bring value- descriptive and predictive   

Sales Management 

  • Enhance sales management processes - beyond administration 

  • Create/update sales management tools

  • Apply predictive analytics to make salesperson hiring decisions

III. Upgrade


Through training and coaching:


  • Improve the skill level of your salespeople to sell more effectively


  • Enhance the capability of your sales managers to manage and coach their people more effectively

  • Enable the sales force to get engaged in selling new products or to new markets

sales optimization
sales optimization
sales optimization
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