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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) Org Assessment


As organizations strive to uphold a workplace free from racial and social inequities and one that values individual differences, it is important to begin by assessing the gaps that interfere with
diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Some gaps may be obvious while other may be covert, eroding the organization’s ability to create a fair and inclusive workplace.

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Our approach is based on years of utilizing best practices to surface objective organizational information to develop an accurate snapshot of DEI in your organization. The approach may vary based on organizational needs but typically includes:


  • Executives - Senior leadership discussions

  • Key individuals - With managers/individuals from HR and impacted groups (POC, women, etc.)

  • Focus groups - Focus groups exploring gaps, culture, and potential solutions


  • DEI survey - A customized organizational survey assessing the degree to which DEI is practiced

  • Past surveys - Review of relevant survey data such as Employee Engagement data

  • Demographic data  - related to workforce makeup, attrition rates, who gets promoted, etc.

Processes, Programs and Systems

  • Processes - Analysis of key processes/policies such as hiring, compensation and discipline 

  • Programs - Current DEI program analysis, strengths, and opportunities for improvement

  • Systems – Assess data collection tools, practices and use of analytics 


A typical assessment lasts from 12-20 weeks



The assessment is done with great sensitivity and confidentiality and results in a written report and presentation on:

  • Current state 

  • Implications for DEI in your organization

  • Recommendations for closing the gaps

  • Road Map for advancing DEI in your organization




The cost of the assessment depends on the scope, which we can scale along with you depending on the number of people we interview, the number of focus groups conducted, and the amount and complexity of the information we analyze.

The Change-Ready Solutions DEI organizational assessment is designed to examine a comprehensive set of factors that uncover gaps and obstacles to sustaining an organization that exemplifies diversity, equity, and inclusion in action.


PEOPLE – how people treat each other in the organization, how the organization treats people in different groups, and degree of inclusion and equity

PROGRAMS – Current programs intended to cultivate DEI, organizational design and progress made in advancing DEI

PROCESS – Organizational processes and policies that may inadvertently have built in bias that may have the effect of discriminating again certain groups

TECHNOLOGY – The existence, effectiveness and use of technology systems and analytics that measure DEI and give employees a voice in the business

CULTURE – The degree of diversity in the organization, the ownership for DEI and cultural norms/history that may support or interfere with DEI

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5 Dimensions

Our DEI Assessment focuses on Five Dimensions that make up the building blocks of DEI organizational effectiveness:

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