Radical Inclusion is people co-creating together, celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of individuals

It shows leaders and team members how to leverage diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) for greater innovative thinking

Vital Roles in the Radical Inclusion Ecosystem


Think of this ...


Imagine an organization in which your department,
project and cross-functional teams exemplify diversity, equity inclusion and collaboration, valuing each other’s perspectives, talents and skills, and leveraging diverse thinking from diverse people to more effectively solve tough day-to-day problems with innovative solutions

Now imagine this happening in every corner of your organization, shaping the culture so that racial and social equity is the norm and diversity is recognized by leaders, teams and individuals for the business value it brings

Enter Radical Inclusion™

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Radical Inclusion is a way of working with others in which diverse thinking from diverse people is facilitated to expand insight to …

  • Understand problems/opportunities more completely

  • Expand the diversity/quality of ideas and solutions

  • Make better and more inclusive decisions

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Rad Incl ecosystem.PNG

The Outcomes


  • Elevates the brand by visibly demonstrating the organization’s commitment to DE&I

  • Upgrades problem solving at the team, function and enterprise level

  • Reduces the time and cost of getting work done

  • Develop highly innovative solutions that have significant commercial impact

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Our Secret Sauce - The Change-Ready Model™

Based on years of highly validated behavioral science research on how people change, we have discovered that the primary driver of personal change is not the motivation to change but rather the readiness to change. Further, readiness does not take place in one step but instead progresses through five distinct levels of the readiness to change. 

Furthermore, there are tested strategies to help someone advance from one level of readiness to the next!

​At Change-Ready Solutions, we have translated this model into a business tool that enables:

  • ​Organizations to manage change more effectively

  • Leaders to grow and evolve more quickly

  • Managers to coach for greater impact 

  • Individual contributors to change their own behavior and beliefs 

change readiness