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Curating a Culture that puts People first to achieve organizational Results


Advanced Human Harmonics (AHH) is a sustainable blueprint that allows organizations to build a series of small changes and habits to create immense success and well-being in the workplace and beyond. 


AHH creates predictable cultural transformation. We partner with you to create a realistic plan, complete with individual and group coaching, skill development, strategies, and tools to proceed at a pace that works for your organization to embed a thriving culture that puts people first.


The results are growth, innovation, and humans that are well and look forward to going to work.


Forge an Inclusive Ecosystem - Foment inclusivity, belonging, and psychological safety.

Fortify Self-Leadership - Help employees develop self-referencing, self-reflection, and self-regulation; help recognize their own strengths and self-worth.

Cultivate Mutual Support - Engage in two-way vertical and lateral constructive feedback, deep listening, problem solving, recognition, and help.


Amplify Adaptability - Acclimate and integrate change and ambiguity; help employees and yourself adapt, adjust and accommodate; coaching for change-readiness, building resilience, accountability, and grit.


Foster a Growth Ethos - Embed continuous evolution at the individual and team level (skill development and innovation), facilitate meaningful learning, help others build on strengths, and cultivate a comfort with thoughtful risk.


5 Princples

AHH focuses on 5 principles that form a healthy culture that puts people first:


We do this by partnering with organizations to curate a culture in which employees and the organization integrate and maximize their potential using:

Assessments - Using a variety of assessments to determine current state of the culture and leaderships readiness for change.

Coaching & Consulting - Coaching and consulting at the individual, team, and senior organization levels.

Process Evaluation & Redesign - Reconstruct processes and policies to create communication between and among employees at all levels to accelerate well-being and growth.



  • Employees motivated, engaged, & committed and providing greater customer focus & satisfaction

  • Organization integrates change and ambiguity for continuous innovative & divergent thinking



Investing in cultural transformational can bring large rewards.  After just 5 years of focusing on cultural transformation, companies saw an 85% net profit increase, and after just 3 years, 25% workforce growth was reported. To determine the investment in cultural transformation, an assessment to determine the current state of the organization will be required and a strategy defined to determine the resources needed to support the change.

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