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Attracting, Developing & Retaining High-Value Contributors 

How do you ATTRACT high-value contributors? What are they looking for? And once you attract them, how to you KEEP them? But more than just keep them, how do you ENGAGE them so they don't just stay but instead are motivated to do their best, everyday?

It is essential for all managers to be held accountable for doing what is in their control to increase the retention of your high-valued contributors.


The GREAT RESIGNATION is here. What can a manager do to minimize the chances of losing a high-value contributor? What factors influence a contributors decision to stay or go? This program answers these questions, and provides managers with:


  • A Talent Magnet Assessment Profile - on those dimensions that correlate with attraction, retention and development

  • A Talent Magnet Action Plan & Strategy that defines hands on strategies managers will use to find and keep the best and the brightest

  • An Resignation Risk Analysis that enables managers to identify who of their high-value contributors may be at risk of being disengaged and leaving

  • A Talent Magnet Tool Box which contains the best practices of those managers from a variety of industries who are the best at attracting, retaining and engaging their people


TALENT MAGNET is available as both a two-hour audio microlearning training program, offered jointly with ProDio, the world's greatest audio training company, and a virtual workshop delivered in three 2-hour segments over 2-3 weeks. 


Improved retention ratios, continuity of productivity, and increased employee morale and commitment – these results go straight to your bottom line. 

Contact us for more information about Talent Magnet​.

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