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Given today’s new challenges, businesses must learn how to attract, retain and engage high-value talent

Employees must feel valued, respected and that their perspective is not only welcome but is essential to the success of the organization. 

Every time you develop a solution to a problem or make a decision which affects others without including them, whether you intend to or not, you make a statement that tells them their voice doesn’t count!

The Great Resignation is evidence that employees will no longer tolerate this outdated approach to solution development.

New management competencies are urgently needed to facilitate a productive exchange of divergent ideas among diverse voices.

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Inclusive Problem-Solving Outcomes:


Leaders, managers and teams have the mindset, toolset and skillset needed to:


  • Capitalize on the new normal

  • Develop faster, smarter, more inclusive solutions

  • Build an environment of value, respect, & belonging in both virtual and in-person settings

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Inclusive Problem-Solving represents new skills required to:


  • Cultivate an inclusive microclimate where everyone’s voice is valued

  • Create a safe space where employees can explore new solutions together

  • Value and leverage the uniqueness of each individual when making decisions and solving problems

  • Avoid “boxing & shelving” people who are different than yourself

  • Develop ingenious solutions by tapping into divergent perspectives

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