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Our Journey


Change-Ready Solutions is in its second incarnation as a training and consulting firm. Our first incarnation was as Performance Connection International (PCI) Inc, specializing in employee engagement and retention. Our founder, Bruce Fern started in the behavioral sciences which continues to influence all the work we do at Change-Ready Solutions.

Offering differentiated training and consulting solutions, PCI was one of the first firms to offer provide retention solutions as well as among the first to provide employee engagement training.

Change-Ready Solutions focuses on leveraging diversity for business growth. We want to see organizations value diversity for the business benefits it brings. It is to such ends that Change-Ready Solutions was created.

In all our incarnations, we have been dedicated to offering:

  • Training that is business savvy, solves hard core business problems, and is valued by your employees

  • Sound instructional design solutions that lead to measurable behavior change

  • Learning that leads not only to organizational growth but also the personal and professional development of the individuals that are involved in our programs

Learn more about our Team here.


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