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What We Believe


We are saddened and outraged at RACIAL INJUSTICE. We are further concerned about the impact on children of color who might be afraid to even leave their home, seeing what has been happening to adult black men and women around the country.

Now is the time to come together as a unified community to surface, discuss and address all forms of systematic discrimination towards people of color, and also towards women, race, religion, sexual orientation, age and physical ability.

The leaders of Change-Ready Solutions have dedicated their entire careers to the equitable treatment of all people, and our firm was founded on the conviction that EVERYONE DESERVES TO BE TREATED WITH RESPECT. To this end, we created the Inclusive Interchange, a process that leverages diversity for greater innovative problem solving. This enables diverse people to come together to co-create new solutions to seemingly impossible problems.

We must stop boxing and shelving people in order to recognize our differences as a GIFT OF GREAT VALUE instead of a threat. This will foster UNDERSTANDING AND LEARNING that will bring new ways of thinking to our most challenging problems.

Call to Action: Based on the principles in which Change-Ready Solutions certifies leaders and facilitators, the solution to racial discrimination will arise when we come together and leverage innovative thinking to co-create solutions to this appalling problem. Law enforcement professionals (on whom we rely to keep us safe and who are for the most part good people), local political leaders, and diverse members of the community must come together to TAKE MUTUAL ACCOUNTABILITY to develop local solutions to discrimination and unwarranted violence towards people of color.

Reach out to your senator, congressperson, mayor, city council, police department, or community groups of which you are a part, as well as your management in business, and ask them what they are doing to address these pressing issues and ask how you can be involved.

Our leaders only hear when we speak up.

Resources have been developed by such people as Barack Obama and
Eric Holter, former US Attorney General and can be accessed here and here.

Our hearts go out to all people who have been discriminated against, and especially the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery.


Let’s change things, here and now!


At CHANGE-READY SOLUTIONS, we help businesses leverage diversity for greater
innovative thinking and problem solving

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